Murder By Decree

DISTRIBUTION MURDER BY DECREE STORY Sherlock Holmes investigates the murders committed by Jack the Ripper and discovers a conspiracy to protect the killer. CAST/CREW DIRECTOR Bob Clark WRITER Arthur Conan Doyle John Hopkins Elwyn Jones CAST Christopher Plummer James Mason David Hemmings MORE INFO YEAR 1979 RUNTIME 2 hr, 4 min GENRE Crime/Mystery/Thriller NATIONALITY UK/Canadian...


DISTRIBUTION SCORNED STORY A vengeful widow is out to seduce the relatives of the man she blames for her husband's death. CAST/CREW DIRECTOR Andrew Stevens WRITER Karen Kelly Barry Avrich CAST Andrew Stevens Shannon Tweed Kim Morgan Greene MORE INFO YEAR 1993 RUNTIME 1 hr, 40 min GENRE Drama/Thriller NATIONALITY Canadian View on IMDb


DISTRIBUTION VIRUS STORY A United States Presidential bodyguard risks everything to save the day when a truck chock full of biological weapons contrives to crash in a National Park. CAST/CREW DIRECTOR Allan A. Goldstein WRITER Les Standiford CAST Brian Bosworth Leah Pinsent David Fox MORE INFO YEAR 1996 RUNTIME 1 hr, 27 min GENRE Action/Thriller...

Killing Moon

DISTRIBUTION (JOHN GILLESPIE, PRODUCER) KILLING MOON STORY A scientist and a dishonest agent work toward different ends as a mysterious virus afflicts passengers on a flight to Hawaii. This haunting action film is a cross between a tight airplane thriller (PASSENGER 57, CON AIR) and a deadly virus horror film (OUTBREAK). When a deadly virus...

City of Shadows

DISTRIBUTION  City of Shadows (Nightmare City) STORY In the same vein as Cain and Abel, here we have two brothers, one a renegade cop and the other a murderer with a taste for little boys. The brothers come to blows, from which only one can walk away. CAST/CREW DIRECTOR David Mitchell WRITERS Damian Lee Jacques...

No Exit

DISTRIBUTION  No Exit (Fatal Combat) STORY Professor John Stoneman Teaches at the local university. John philosophy is to prevent violence and handle any situation without hurting anybody. But his way of life changes when a few punks attack his wife and stab her, which causes her to lose her baby. This incident catches the attention...