Film Index

Hollywood North (IMDB)
Voted as One of the Top 25 Films in Canada
200399 MinutesComedyCanadian
Triggermen (IMDB)
Largest Box Office for a Canadian Feature Film in the UK
200296 MinutesAction, ComedyCanadian
Full Disclosure (IMDB)200197 MinutesThrillerCanadian
Buckout Road (IMDB)2017HorrorCanadian
Killing Moon (IMDB)199998 MinutesThrillerCanadian
Water Damage (IMDB)199985 MinutesThrillerCanadian
Silver Man200398 MinutesDramaCanadian
Fall200197 MinutesAction
Papertrail (Fear, Trail of a Serial Killer)199889 MinutesDrama, ThrillerCanadian
Specimen199685 MinutesSci-FiCanadian
Black Christmas197498 MinutesHorrorCanadian
Crime and Punishment2002126 MinutesDrama
Goldenrod (Glory Days)197698 MinutesDramaCanadian
Jungle Boy199889 MinutesFamilyCanadian
Death Wish 5199495 MinutesActionCanadian
Busted Up198693 MinutesActionCanadian
Electra199687 MinutesSci-Fi, ActionCanadian
The Killing Machine (Killing Man)1994100 MinutesActionCanadian
Ski School199095 MinutesComedyCanadian
Tunnel200297 MinutesThriller, ActionCanadian
We All Fall Down200092 MinutesDramaCanadian
The Donor199589 MinutesThriller, ActionCanadian
Thunderground198992 MinutesActionCanadian
Copper Mountain198360 MinutesComedyCanadian
Screwball Academy (Loose Ends)198688 MinutesComedyCanadian
No Exit (Fatal Combat)199593 MinutesAction, ThrillerCanadian
Law of the Jungle (Street Law)199598 MinutesAction, DramaCanadian
City of Shadows 198792 MinutesThrillerCanadian
Last Man Standing (Circle Man)198798 MinutesActionCanadian
Deadly Descent1989Action, DramaCanadian
Reno and the Doc198489 MinutesComedy, DramaCanadian
The Miles Ahead (Hot Sneakers)199081 MinutesComedy, FantasyCanadian