About Us

Trimuse Entertainment, an independent distribution house, was created in 1999. In 2002, Trimuse produced and brought to market the feature film Triggermen, starring Pete Postlethwaite, Claire Forlani, Donnie Wahberg and Saul Rubinek, and is noted as being one of the highest grossing independent films in the UK.

Over the years, Trimuse has evolved into a worldwide sales company of Movies and TV products. Encompassing over 30 titles in a wide variety of genres, including but not limited to, Hollywood North a dark comedy (Alan Bates, Matthew Modine and Jennifer Tilly), cult classic Black Christmas (John Saxon and Margot Kidder), and Full Disclosure a thriller (Fred Ward, Christopher Plummer, Virginia Madsen, Kim Coates).

Recently, Trimuse acquisitioned a library of Canadian content films which includes Death Wish 5 (Charles Bronson), Copper Mountain (Jim Carrey, Allan Thicke) and the Canadian cult comedy classic Ski School.

One of Trimuse’s newest ventures includes procurement of all Canadian rights for the upcoming feature film, Buckout Road, horror thriller starring Danny Glover, Evan Ross, Henry Czerny with the upcoming writer/director Matthew Currie Holmes.

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Our Team


John Gillespie


John Gillespie has an Honours Degree in both Law and Film Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and attended various seminar courses at New York University in New York City, US. This foundation granted him the privilege to work and apprentice for many writers, painters and filmmakers during his Internship at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1990.

In 1991, John began his career with Commercials at Rawi Sherman in Toronto which led him to the realm of Feature Films and Documentaries. Since 1993, John has worked on fifteen (15) features as an Art Director/Production Designer before entering into Producing. Designing allowed him to work in Moscow, Israel, Los Angeles, New York City and Toronto.

John is well versed with a sound understanding of the various stages of Feature Film Development: pre-production/development, production/financing, post-production/delivery and distribution channels.

Since 1997, John has been producing his own pictures which were completely financed through independent sources. In 2002, John started a publicly traded film company that ventured into distribution.

Shortly after, in 2003, John produced Hollywood North which Premiered in the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) featuring the Directorial Debut of Award Winning Producer Peter O’Brian. Hollywood North was awarded Best Picture at the Cinefest International Film Festival. While, Post City Toronto highlighted the film as being one of Toronto’s Top 25 Films of All Time.

From 2004 – 2008 John collaborated with Kim Coates with Ewan McGregor (Ice Cream Bandits), Mark Irwin (A Perfect Day), and Saul Rubinek. Four (4) pictures with Rubinek, God’s Thumbprint – Skylark – High Diving – Cruel But Necessary, on a studio level in partnership with Warner Bros. As well, John endeavoured to facilitate the creation of a co-production of Baker Street (Lionsgate release ‘Bank Job’).

John discovered 2009 was a great time to shift his focus to further develop and expand his real estate investments. With the onset of 2010, John partnered with Brad Clark to launch a film production company, which currently is developing six (6) Feature Films and a TV series.

Along with his passion for film creation, John has acquired 30 feature films in his library.

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William Alexander

Vice President Sales & Acquisitions

William Alexander has over 30 years in sales and distribution experience. Previously, William was the President of CRiTiCAL MASS, a distribution enterprise, which specialized in selling movies and TV shows to markets internationally, such as the United States, Japan, UK, Australia and Russia. William was instrumental in reviving cult classics such as BLACK CHRISTMAS and THE HILARIOUS HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN and successfully reintroducing them back into the current market place.

William’s extensive knowledge of movies and entertainment was a key factor in his increasing success in Television sales at Alliance Releasing during his 5-year tenure. While at Alliance, William was responsible for station financing for the movies (THE MASK, THE ENGLISH PATIENT, TERMINATOR 2 and PULP FICTION) and TV shows (REBOOT, FAST TRACK, and DUE SOUTH) to CTV, CBC and Global.

During previous terms at Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Astral Television, William was responsible for selling movies and TV shows such as HOME ALONE, GHOSTBUSTERS, THE SIMPSONS, and SEINFELD. In addition, William has also sold commercial time to major advertising companies for various stations such as CFTO, CBC and WGRZ – Buffalo.

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